Gear Up for the Back-to-School Season with these Sought-After School Supplies

As the new academic year draws near, having a well-stocked back-to-school inventory becomes a top priority. To help you source strategically from Yiwu Market, we’ve compiled a curated list of this year’s most popular items, from classic study essentials to irresistibly cute stationery! Use this blog post as your guide to navigate the top back-to-school trends for 2024. 

Here’s our pick of the most sought after school supplies and irresistible wholesale stationery products you can import from China for your business:

Mini Rechargeable Study Lamps

Compact, portable, and designed to provide focused illumination, these compact lamps are perfect for late-night study sessions or dimly lit classrooms. A must-have from the vibrant Yiwu Market, these study lamps will be a bright addition to your stationery lineup. 

China Import Tips: Focus on portability, adjustable lighting, and cute aesthetics. Look for designs that include phone charging capabilities and different color options.

Makeup Themed Stationery

Who says stationery can’t be glamorous? From lipstick pens to mascara wand pencils, these cleverly designed items will bring a touch of glam to any study session. Get ready to turn heads and capture the hearts of beauty enthusiasts by importing these stunning wholesale stationery products. These unique finds are guaranteed to turn heads and generate excitement amongst retailers and consumers alike.

China Import Tips: Target beauty enthusiasts with hot selling items such as lipstick shaped pens and compact mirror notepads.

Kawaii Washi Tapes

Make everyday school supplies super cute with kawaii washi tapes! These charming decorative tapes are perfect for personalizing notebooks, planners, and craft projects. With tons of adorable patterns and designs, they’re a must-have accessory for any student to show off their unique style.

China Import Tips: Focus on seasonal themes, nature motifs, and washi tapes with glitter or metallic accents, as they’re some of our bestsellers.

K-pop Stationery

From trendy notebooks to pens adorned with your favorite K-pop icons, this range resonates directly with today’s youth market. Order now to infuse your inventory with the latest trends and create a must-have shopping destination for students seeking both style and functionality. 

China Import Tips: Target young fans; BTS is a safe bet, but also explore rising groups to diversify your offerings and provide a wider selection for your target audience.

Ice Cream Highlighters

From neon hues to pastel shades, students won’t be able to resist the urge to grab these irresistible highlighters and make their notes pop. This in-demand stationery is sure to fly off your shelves, increasing your sales and profits.

China Import Tips: Look for unique shapes and scents to stand out. Prioritize pastel colors and aesthetic designs.

Hard Case Pencil Pouches

Introduce kids to the ultimate pencil pouch upgrade with these Hard Case Pencil Pouches. These durable cases, available in a variety of eye-catching designs and convenient sizes, are a must-have for any organized student.

China Import Tips: Consider customization options; add your brand logo and unique design elements to stand out.

From playful makeup-themed stationery that doubles as fashion statements and aesthetic washi tapes that spark creativity, to best-selling BTS stationery kits, we can help you import a range of student-favorite school supplies from Yiwu Market. Logistics 9 is the only Yiwu agency that is not only reliable but can get your stationery products shipped at factory prices without charging any hidden sourcing fees. Our flexible minimum order quantities mean you can begin with just 2–3 merchandise cartons. This enables you to start with a trial and easily progress to larger bulk orders when you’re ready.


School’s Back Soon – Are You Ready? 

As the school bells chime closer, shelves better be bursting with the coolest stuff. That’s where we come in! We can ensure your inventory is brimming with the season’s sought-after products when the back-to-school rush begins. As your trusted China sourcing agency, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing the way you import these products. With us, your business gains the advantage of cost-effectiveness and a partnership built on trust. By placing your order today, you’ll ensure your store is fully stocked and ready to shine this upcoming school season. 


For all your wholesale stationery product needs, including pencil pouches, washi tapes, art supplies, customized notebooks, cute stationery kits, study lamps, and much more, get in touch with us here. Let’s make this year’s back-to-school shopping unforgettable!

Gear up for back-to-school season with trending supplies from China’s Yiwu market: washi tapes, Ice Cream highlighters, BTS stationery, cute study lamps & more!

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