Exploring Popular Toys, Games, and Kids Products at China's Yiwu Market!

Imagine a shopping mall overflowing with toys and games, stretching as far as the eye can see. This isn’t just any mall, it’s the Yiwu International Trade Market, the world’s largest wholesale market for small commodities and a paradise for importers looking for high-quality, affordable merchandise. With thousands of vendors spread across various districts, Yiwu is a one-stop shop for stocking your inventory with the latest trends and timeless classics.

We recently explored this massive marketplace and discovered a mind-boggling variety of toys and games, for you to import from China! Want to see it all in action? Check out this short video tour!

Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of the must-have bulk toys you’ll find at Yiwu Market!

Kids Toys and Games you can import from China:

Dolls & Dollhouses: Yiwu Market offers a comprehensive selection of dolls, from popular licensed characters to timeless classics like princesses and fairies. You’ll also find a wide variety of doll accessories and dream houses to complete the imaginative play experience for children. 

Board Games & Puzzles: These timeless staples are always in demand. Here, you can shop for everything from card games and jigsaw puzzles to brain-teasers, ensuring your shelves are stocked with endless entertainment.

Inflatable Toys: Inflatables are an all-time favorite at Yiwu Market, consistently topping the charts as a best-seller. From beach balls and pool floats to inflatable animals and pinatas, Yiwu has everything you need to make a splash with your summer inventory. 

Anime Toys & Blind Boxes: The anime craze shows no signs of slowing down, and as an importer looking to capitalize on this trend, you won’t want to miss Yiwu Market. Here, you’ll find a variety of anime-themed goodies, from action figures and blind boxes to garage kits and character dolls.

DIY Items: Give your store a unique edge with Yiwu’s vast selection of hot-selling DIY and creative play items.  This includes art clay kits, slime, crystal mud, and colorful play sands are just few of the products available here.

Carnival Toys: Want to bring the carnival atmosphere to your shelves? Yiwu has everything you need to fill them with childhood favorites: light-up swords, mesmerizing windmills, sequined sunflowers, bubble machines, and classic water guns!

Baby Toys: The littlest ones haven’t been forgotten. Yiwu offers a wide variety of baby and nursery toys, including hanging mobiles, bath toys, pull-along animals, ride-on toys, and colorful stacking rings.

Playroom Games: Yiwu Market has a whole section dedicated to turning any playroom into a full-fledged fun zone.  Whether it’s indoor slides, rocking horses, or inflatable bounce houses, you don’t want to miss out on these premium picks.

Plushies & Soft Toys: Get ready to be bombarded with cuteness—no – noone can resist the cuddly charm of Yiwu’s adorable plushies. From giant teddy bears to trendy unicorns, these soft toys are guaranteed to melt hearts. Yiwu is your one-stop shop to find the perfect cuddly companions for all ages!

Pretend Playsets: Yiwu offers a vast selection of playsets across various themes, and the best part? Many can be customized with your brand’s design and packaging! Whether you’re looking for pretend makeup kits, educational toys like gyroscopes and DIY airplanes, or classic play kitchens, Yiwu Market has the perfect playsets for your import business!

LED Toys: Capitalize on China’s well-known LED expertise with Yiwu Market’s exciting range of light-up toys. From classic glow sticks and LED play balls to trendy light-up skates & swords, Yiwu offers a variety of eye-catching options that are sure to be popular with children.

Prank Toys & Props: Yiwu Market also caters to the niche of pranksters and party enthusiasts. Here, you’ll find a hilarious selection of prank toys, Halloween props like spooky masks, vampire fangs, and costumes. From complete magical game kits to capes and wands, these products are perfect for for aspiring magicians & wizards.

Simplify your imports with us!

Importing bulk toys and games from China can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. With its vast selection and competitive prices, Yiwu offers a goldmine of opportunity, and we can help you navigate the entire process, from sourcing the perfect products to ensuring smooth logistics. Contact us today and let’s transform your toy inventory into a haven of fun and profit!

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