The Creative World of Yiwu City's Wholesale Stationery Market

Ever dreamt of becoming a stationery powerhouse, stocked with the hottest trends and coolest finds? Yiwu City’s wholesale stationery market can make that dream a reality!

We recently had the chance to tour this massive marketplace; it’s a game-changer for importers! Want to see the mind-blowing variety of products for yourself? Check out our video below!

Stationery Items to shop for at Yiwu Market:


Let’s start with an essential stationery item that everyone needs: notebooks. Whether it’s spiral notebooks, long notebooks, notebooks with colored pages, blank books, or diaries, Yiwu market offers a diverse collection to fulfill your bulk requirements. From catering to office supplies to meeting the demands of students, Yiwu City’s has got your shop’s stationery needs perfectly covered!

Pro-tip: Want to import notebooks with customized covers or personalized diaries featuring your brand logo? We can whip those up in our factory—no problem!

Writing Instruments

Ballpoint pens, gel pens, rollerballs—you name it, Yiwu has it! Keep an eye out for trendy designs like decorative pens, glitter pens, and even quirky shaped pens that are sure to be a hit with kids. Don’t forget the classics—wooden and mechanical pencils are always in demand.

Erasers and Sharpeners

No stationery haul is complete without erasers and sharpeners—to keep everyone’s writing crisp and clean. Yiwu goes way beyond the essentials. Think scented erasers and sharpeners that smell like bubblegum and lavender (because, why not?). They’ll add a touch of fun to any school supply collection.

Organization Essentials

Yiwu Market offers all types of tools to banish desk clutter and embrace organizational bliss. From classic paper clips and binder folders to high-tech whiteboards and markers, you’ll find everything here. Many vendors offer customizable packaging, allowing you to personalize everything from stapler boxes to glue sticks with your brand logo or a catchy slogan.

Paper Products 

Yiwu Market is a one-stop destination to shop for all your paper product needs. From crisp printing papers to vibrant drawing paper and essential sticky notes in various styles and sizes to colorful customized envelopes that add a personal touch to any letter, Yiwu manufacturers produce it all!

What’s trending right now?

Keeping up with the trends is key in the import business, and Yiwu Market is your one-stop shop for all the hottest trends that are taking the stationery world by storm.

Here are some bestsellers to keep an eye out for:

  • Pastel Colors: Soft colors are in! Pastel highlighters and paints are a trendy way to add soothing colors to your inventory.


  • Animal Shapes: Kids (and adults!) are currently going wild for animal-shaped pencils, pens, erasers, and sharpeners.


  • Creative Sticky Notes: From emojis to dinosaurs, these fun shapes are a surefire way to grab attention.


  • Aesthetic Kits: The “journaling aesthetic” is huge, so stock up on beautiful journal kits complete with stickers, stencils, and washi tapes.


  • Foodie Shapes: Notebooks shaped like chocolate bars, ice cream highlighter sets, and fast food-shaped erasers are all the rage. Don’t forget to add these delicious designs to your import order.


  • Outer-space Prints: These old-school prints are still going strong, so grab some space-themed stationery sets featuring rockets, planets, and maybe even a grumpy-looking astronaut.


  • K-pop & Anime Themes: Yiwu Market is exploding with notebooks, diaries, pencil cases, crayon sets, pens, and stickers featuring everyone’s favorite K-Pop bands and anime characters!

For more insights on trending stationery products, check out this blog post!

Simplify Your China Imports with Us!

Importing from Yiwu City can be a breeze. With its vast selection of trendy and affordable wholesale stationery and endless customization options, it’s a sourcing paradise for businesses of all sizes. Plus, our transparent pricing policy and zero sourcing charges ensure you get the best value for your budget.

However, navigating the logistics and language barriers can be a bit challenging. That’s where we come in as your China import partner! We’ll help you find the best products, negotiate with suppliers to get the best deals, and handle all the logistics, from product inspection to shipping. Basically, we’ll take care of the complicated stuff so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business!

Ready to explore the creative world of Yiwu’s city’s wholesale stationery market? Get in touch with us today, and let’s discuss your needs!

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